Ceramic injection moulding

Ceramic Injection Moulding


Injection moulding combines the excellent characteristics of ceramics with the high formability and accuracy of the injection technique. Formatec Ceramics has been at the forefront of this technology already for more than 15 years.

During this period, Formatec Ceramics has mastered all trade details to perfection in-house, and today we are proud of our high-tech development and production facility. With this knowledge and considerable experience in ceramic injection moulding, Formatec Ceramics is a unique market player.

Every day we mould a variety of ceramic materials such as zirconia and aluminum oxide. These components have been optimized for production of ceramics during the development process. The teamwork between Formatec engineers and the customers’ own engineers often leads to a ground-breaking solution. In this way, material and process capabilities are maximized and often lead to cost reduction.